About Us

Hemiko designs, builds, operates and finances district energy networks for communities.

Hemiko are an investor, developer, and operator of heat networks across the UK. We are developing and delivery town and city scale heat networks and providing a wide range of services. Our purpose is to connect local communities and businesses by utilising locally wasted heat to enable rapid decarbonisation at scale and accelerating progress towards a post-carbon future.

We are committed to:

Network design

Our expertise is independent of any specific technology enabling us to find opportunities to create the ideal network for every community rather than forcing a specific solution. Our networks are designed to evolve, a place where new ideas can flourish.


Providing a dependable energy supply with greater resilience and minimal downtime.


We are not just focused on low carbon; we are working towards zero carbon. By incorporating flexibility into the design, we can ensure that each network we build is as future-proofed as possible and positioned to take advantage of changes in technology or regulations.


As focused as we are on engineering excellence, we understand that this is only part of the solution. We help set up billing platforms, customer service portals, legal frameworks and any other service that is needed. Our customers depend on us, a responsibility we take very seriously.

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